Our Services

Welcome to the ShinyBright™ Premium Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Bespoke Personal Assistant Service. We offer our service 10km from the Melbourne city centre.

Our service includes the following items by default. Then, add your extras to tailor your experience to perfectly suit your needs.

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • 1 x bathroom
  • 1 x toilet
  • 1 x hallway
  • Additional toilet or
  • Ensuite
  • Bedrooms
  • Additional hallway
  • Additional living area
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Air frier or other small appliances
  • Dishes
  • Clothes washing and drying
  • Dog walking and pet bowl cleaning
We give our customers the option of having their home cleaned either once a week or fortnightly. We believe in developing a lasting partnership with our customers, and as such we do not provide end of lease cleaning or ad-hoc cleaning services.
We use our own special eco-friendly cleaning products that are gentle on the environment and your house. However, you might want us to use your own. So, you can choose to use our products or yours when you book our service. The same goes for cleaning equipment!

Eco-friendly cleaning products

We exclusively use our own range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They’re free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Our sustainable cleaning services not only ensure a spotless and fresh space but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and creating a greener future. With our eco-conscious approach, you can enjoy a clean and pristine environment while knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the world around you.

Our cleaning processes

Pilly, our co-founder was a process engineer for an international pharmaceutical company. To say she loves creating ‘the perfect process’ is an understatement! Your ShinyBright™ team member follows a tried and tested process every time so our service is consistent.

Team culture

Pilly, our co-founder is from Colombia where family and community are just part of her culture. We see our staff and clients as ‘one team’ and we all play our part to create the ShinyBright™ culture. Honesty, integrity, respect and good intent all round helps form something special. You’ll experience a genuine level of care with our team members. We treat them with respect, we reward them very well and it shows in how they respect and appreciate working for you.

The feedback loop

We want to impress you with our service, and your feedback is critical. It’s also part of our contract. After each service, rate your experience so we now if there’s anything we need to improve on. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know. Simply click on the smiley face, neutral face or sad face to tell us about your experience and leave any comments. This takes less than 30 seconds and it helps us act urgently to make sure you love our service. We listen. We act.